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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight with a consumer alert. >> homeowners will receive about a billion dollars from a national mortgage supplement, and thousands have already gotten up. >> a nonprofit wants to make sure the bank's state accountable. >> sheldon has more for us. >> the maryland consumer rights coalition is a nonprofit that has been an advocate for homeowners throughout the mortgage crisis. they say they're happy with what banks have done to help families in need, but they think more can be done to others. >> it was hailed as a landmark settlement by the dancer -- by a landmark settlement but injuring a very. it was a settlement with the five largest banks, stemming from a national investigation into unethical mortgage practices. >> that includes robo-signing. but those are legal documents
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where they do not know if the contents are true. >> a nonprofit based in baltimore says think efforts are praised what -- praiseworthy, but she says more can be done to help distressed families. relief averages about $79,000 per family. so far, the state has received more than $224 million from the settlement. more than 79,000 maryland families are still at risk of losing their homes. more should be done to help these families, like more principle reductions instead of short sales. >> that is not the kind of relief we want to see. we want banks to negotiate the loan so that people have more affordable mortgages and can stay in their houses. >> they are working to make mortgage data more apparent -- more transparent, as well as creating a state homeowner and bill of rights. >> we want to do everything we
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can to get it right and make sure things are held accountable for their past actions, and make sure they cannot do it again in the future. >> , to find out if you are eligible for any of the money, contact the state attorney's office or the maryland hope hot line. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the steel mill could once again be up for grabs. if the mill is not sold, it will be auctioned off january 3. it is being operated by a company that specializes in industrial liquidations. employees have been hoping that liquidators would find buyers interested in operating the mail instead instead of dismantling it. -- the milligan instead of dismantling it.
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>> thousands of jobs, is what the general manager of the casino in downtown baltimore is promising. the side of the soon-to-be harris baltimore -- harrah's and baltimore would feature more than 37 -- 3700 jobs. the new casino who could mean growth. >> i am extremely excited for what this is going to mean for this particular area. when the casino is here, it will make way for other ancillary types of businesses. >> the operator brings with him 18 years of experience in gaming. harrah's baltimore is set to operate in 2013. >> a drug arrest or an unprovoked attack?
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>> of family and baltimore city police give conflicting accounts of the death. >> anthony anderson died friday night, after a conversation with police in baltimore. his family says he was beaten to death. homicide detectives are opening a criminal investigation to find out what happened. >> this vacant lot is now a memorial to anderson. the 46-year-old died after encountering police on friday night. his family says he was on the way to celebrate his grandfather's -- his granddaughter's birthday. the detectives say they caught him in a good deal. >> he appeared to have some of narcotics in his mouth to attempt to hide them. they took him into police custody, put handcuffs on him. he started complaining of discomfort and pain. it was believed he might have in just some of the drugs he had,
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and it might be choking on them. >> the family saw the arrest in a dramatically different manner. >> what i saw is, i think they killed him. they picked him up and dropped him on his head. >> they picked him up in the air. what are you doing to my son? >> ar father had a long history with police. his rap sheet includes a number of drug arrests. >> he could not even run. >> he did not want to go to jail. my father has been to jail before. that is not an issue. they did not have to do to him the way they did. aha -- >> homicide investigators are working. >> we will do a prudent and impartial investigation. if there is an opportunity where we have to hold individuals
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accountable, rest assured we will. >> when anderson was unarmed, and they did find drugs at the scene. police are stressing this kind of investigation is routine when people die in or immediately after police custody. the family is considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit. >> thank you. this case will no doubt be monitored by the new top cop in baltimore, who was sworn in today. he took the oath of office today in city hall. the police chief retired last month at a ceremony at one day after the attack and police commissioner began an indefinite medical leave. he worked in oakland, before coming to baltimore he officially becomes the new commissioner on thursday. tonight, multiple arrests in a prostitution sting stretching across three maryland counties
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and six agencies. 23 men were arrested in howard, anne arundel, and prince george's county for soliciting prostitution. that was part of a probe spearheaded by homeland security. that investigation is ongoing. >> riot-like behavior. that is how baltimore officials are describing the scene at a theater over the weekend. james johnson placed the blame on the owner of the recher theater. it was rented to a third party when a mob became unruly. it ended with seven people arrested and a person shot. police may go after the theaters liquor license. >> you are responsible for what takes place inside and outside. if there are actions connected to those premises, we are going to hold those liquor license holders responsible.
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>> recher declined to speak on camera about the incident. in our commitment 2012 coverage tonight, the maryland democratic party is investigating roscoe bartlett because of someone he hired. they are charging a state republican party chairman and violated house ethics rules, because he was also challenging the maryland republican for a congressional seat, up until next week. he may have used office resources for non congressional activities. bartlett's reelection campaign says his democratic rival is behind the investigation. >> the race for the white house. mitt romney shared an unlikely stage with a political foe to
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kush's new foreign aid plan, of president obama address the united nations. the president condemned the entire-muslim video blame for sparking the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. he said the attack is an indefensible attack on america. >> accrued and disgusting video. there should be no doubt we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bring them to justice. >> mr. obama called on world leaders to confront the real cause of rage across the world. the clinton initiative unveiled a new approach to foreign aid, targeted on eliminating barriers to investment and trade in foreign nations. >> in exchange for removing those barriers, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages. >> from the also joked about sharing the stage with bill
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clinton. >> there is often a buzz aldrin on social media. a controversial call by nfl replacement referees gave the seattle seahawks a victory over the packers last night. even the president weighed in, saying the dispute was terrible. the nfl today admitted, in its own way, that the puckers should have won the game. they said it was because of an interference call, not the interception. the president urged a resolution, with the referees. >> the local nbc station in green bay poked a little fun at the situation this morning. >> this is a replacement weather guy. it looks like it is really bad
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out there, people. 200 degrees and the low today. >> as you can see, a replacement weatherman was brought in to handle the morning forecast. the morning meteorologist eventually took over again. we can only hope things will and so well with the nfl. -- will end too well with the nfl. >> joining forces for a medical school. >> also ahead -- >> before it even clicked, i realized, the numbers matched. i was speechless. >> with until you hear the inspirational to west. >> the orioles have had a flair for the dramatic this season. the are making the postseason when a lot more interesting. >> and we are keeping an eye on
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book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. >> you may remember the idea not too long ago to merge the university of maryland park and the university of maryland, baltimore. the was rejected. >> but there may be something that will take place at both schools. >> we are very keen to take advantage of what is on this campus and a college park. >> it is a collaboration of the university of maryland, baltimore says makes sense for
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the entire state of maryland. , "we have major public health issues in the city, in the state, regionally, and in the world. we do not have enough people who are expert in the discipline of public health, population health, global health. between the campuses, we have expertise in that regard. >> it is described as a form of collaboration, drawn on the strength of public health at both schools. if approved, students will be able to take advantage of the research, faculty, and training at both schools. >> the university of maryland, college park -- there is great funding. there are opportunities and research for graduate students. >> you are going to get caught by faculty at college park. we are going to do that in
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person. we are going to do that electronically. we enlarged the offerings. >> the plan needs to pass, and accreditation process to merge the universities into one school. the merger proposal was rejected by the board of regents. but a joint public health school is just the beginning. >> we have a lot of things to mixed together. we are already seeing it between law and pharmacy, and many of the departments and schools in college park. >> tonight, a 19-year-old from towson continues to beat the odds. he won at $250,000 as a second- tier winner. he will be taking home $165,000 after taxes. he says he will pay off his car and buy a home. cancer free after being diagnosed with leukemia in 2005, he also has plans for some
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of his winnings. >> as a cancer survivor, i cannot really payback what people have done for me in the past. they have really helped me out a lot. i would like to at least give back to the community that gave to me. i can hopefully help someone else, just like someone helped me. >> lottery officials say there is still another $250,000 winner from the drawing that has yet to come forward. >> what a great deal of maturity this young guy shows. we are good to talk about a remarkable young chief meteorologist. [laughter] what is going on weather-wise? >> pretty good today. >> no replacement meteorologist. >> that is the coolest temperature we have had. it was back in may. temperature was, 75 degrees is
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about the average. the highest bill in the upper 90's. the record low, almost down to the freezing point. 35 degrees on september 25 in 1963. 71 downtown right now. not as chilly as the past few nights. mostly in the 60's and 70's right now. temperatures are running up from where the-, because we are getting a blanket of -- where they have been, because we are getting a blanket of cloudiness. if you spot the sprinkle showing up in the radar. lows tonight, instead of going down to the 40's, will stay in the mid-50's in the suburbs and the low 60's downtown. this is not going to be a nice, clean sweep through the area.
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chris bear in the upper midwest. we are good to be right on the boundary with clouds trekking through. that does not mean it will be ringing constantly, but green blotches' indicate showers popping up in the morning tomorrow, and again in the afternoon. the other part of the state stays potentially dry. there are showers across the central and northern sections of the state. into thursday, maybe a few showers trekking through during the ravens game. i cannot give the all clear until we get deeper into the upcoming weekend. a change in the weather pattern, for sure. the risk of a shower or thunderstorm. a small craft the advisory is tough on the bay. when it's out of the south, gusting to 20 knots. a few more showers tomorrow, and
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a chance for a shower on thursday, the eastern shore. just like the areas on the western shore, off and on scattered showers. in southern maryland, a little dry air down there tomorrow. about a 20% chance of picking up a thunderstorm on thursday. that is tropical storm nadine. it has been wandering around. it is expected to remain a tropical storm the next three to five days, out of the middle of the atlantic. a chance of a shower tomorrow, with a high of 80. the chance of a shower during the ravens game in the evening, about 20%. this weekend, temperature stays in the 70's. >> after our weather tonight, stick around for "late night with jimmy fa;;pm/ -- fallon." >> and jerry seinfeld is here
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tonight. [applause] see you tonight on late-night periods -- late night. >> we have a seinfeld a reference in the sportscast, coming up.
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sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the orioles started to slip a little bit. tighten things in the wild-card race. gomes rips a shot into left field off of joe saunders. lawrie evens the score. toronto up 2-0 in the sevent. rasmus, same hit, a different direction. arencibia comes in to score. encarnacion comes to the plate. he puts it into right field as well. chris davis in right field -- check out this throw. the line to third, in time to mail -- nail rasmus. no miracle tonight.
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flaherty pops it up to end it. fortunately for the orioles, the early yankees lead did not hold up minnesota. the twins got a to run home run. -- two-run home run. the comeback to beat the yankees, 5-4. wild card race, considerably tighter. the orioles and oakland still in the top spots. the angels are two games out at the moment. it will, 2.5 -- it could become 1.5 if the angels win tonight. no nfl team likes playing on a thursday night. no time to prepare. but for the ravens, it means there is not enough time to get overconfident before facing the browns. a couple of things have changed
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since the last meeting, in december. this time around, the rentals how of the 27 current defense. missing terrell tubbs means that much. ray lewis gives the ravens one of the night's biggest advantages. >> i try to understand where i am, first and foremost. olympic star michael phelps has spent so much time on the international stage he does not often find himself as an awestruck film. but he did this with. in illinois, he had his first chance to meet michael jordan. no doubt that michael phelps looked like a kid.
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he could barely get a word out. apparently there has more star power the water. -- air has more star power than water. >> as soon as i turned around, i see mj. it was very special that he was able to come by and stop by. the was awesome. >> keith hernandez has one of the most famous mustaches in sports, but not much longer. "seinfeld" to build an episode around the mustache, but he will shut off for a good cause outside of city field thursday night, as a fund-raiser for an alzheimer's patients, he helped establish in honor of his late mother. he has raised nearly $6 million for the home. he hopes the high-profile shave
11:29 pm
pushes the number considerably higher. >> that is incredible. >> flying in a barber just to do this. seriously. that is a great mustache when they fly in a barber to ship it. >> it is scary. something i just discovered on twitter -- >> how it works? >> no. there is a new account called "nfl replacement refs." they just started a yesterday. they have 89,000 followers already. and they are very funny. >> they with
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>> it has been nice during the daylight, but a little chilly afterward. >> yes, it has been. 80 tomorrow, with a shower or even an afternoon thunderstorm. 20% chance we will have a bit of rain, especially on thursday evening. >> not acceptable. put to work on that. >> 40% chance on friday. >> if you were a replacement weatherman -- ah
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anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- ann romney. from "family guy," seth macfarlane.


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